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After watching this short animated video, I can very much relate to my life as a freelance digital artist/graphic designer/photographer. We (freelancers) spent countless hours sitting in-front of our computers trying to learn some or new graphic techniques, not to mention spent so much money buying our equipments so that we can have a tool to work with.

For my photography, naturally the equipments are not cheap and we have to spend long hours for proper fundamental training and learning process. Some of us photographers may be talented but our skills need a long time to master the art of “getting it just right”. That process will take years to develop and it’s not like it grew on trees where we can just pick it.

I had clients who would say, “you only taking pictures…what’s so difficult about it and expensive?”.

The time I spent with you taking the photographs is expensive, my gears are expensive and also my traveling expenses are expensive. But in reality, the price that I quote is following the standard as by any other photographer. I will always follow the standard price because I do not want to spoil the market. So don’t go and tell me that RM100 is more than enough to cover a 4-hour company dinner event even for a “shoot-and-burn” package. Sadly, there are “newbies” who are willing to take the offer for a quick buck. Because of these newbies, clients are no longer willing to pay according to the standard price.

On the side note, we are known as freelancers. But that does not mean we work for free…or cheap. We respect you as a client, please respect us (freelancers) the same way.

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