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Screenshot_2014-10-08-15-44-54A few weeks ago, Line (the Japanese chat app similar to WeChat) was giving out free McD vouchers to its users. What they did was giving you a total of 10 days to use the app and each day they will give you a tick. Once you’ve got all 10 ticks, you will receive the RM10 McD voucher. Well, although it’s not much but hey, it’s not easy to get someone to give you RM10 voucher just like that. So, thank you, Line+ Corporation. Also not forgetting, I got a free sundae cone for the first tick, and a free Chatime drink for the 5th tick. Both were redeemed almost immediately.


Yep…they send it straight to my house via snail mail.


Well…it’s better than nothing. I am grateful that I receive something free once in a while. Doesn’t happen often.

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