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Another Attempt For Project365


I’ve been doing this since 2009, if I’m not mistaken. But I failed to finish the whole 365 photos during my previous attempts. This year, I’m starting it up again beginning February 1, 2015 instead of January 1. Better late than never I suppose.

Taking one photo a day is not as easy as it seems. This time around, I’ve came up with a theme for each month so that it would be easier for me to have a “target” when I go out to look for my subject(s). Then again, I may not follow the theme because then I would have no freedom to snap other potential or interesting subjects that came about at that moment. That put me in a dilemma, whether I should be candid or should I follow the theme.

Having said that, I had some loyal followers back then when I was doing this project in 2009. They were looking forward to my photos almost on daily basis. They loved my spontaneity in capturing my subjects. Candid shots are my usual. I love outdoors, I love shooting people and street photography is one of my favourite although my forte is portrait/modeling. At times I would go for close-up shots or macro, things that we may take for granted or went unnoticed.

I will cover most that I possibly can this time around. However, I won’t be carrying my Nikon D90 with me all the time so most of my photos will be taken with my MotoG 2nd generation phone.

I have already set up an album in Flickr for my 2015 Project365. I will be posting all my photos in Flickr this time because Facebook will reduce the photo quality and size to save bandwidth. Do head over to my Flickr account to view my photos and follow my progress.

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