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Trailer Leak: Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice


Now this is something we don’t get to see everyday. But this is also something that most of the comic geeks are looking forward to. A video leak for the Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice got leaked all over the internet today and all I can say is…awesome!

The leaked video shows the amazing metal armour worn by Batman when he goes against Superman. The visual graphics are great and as usual, any Batman movies showing Gotham City is usually night time. So don’t expect to see everything bright. Also, the leaked video is taken using a handheld camera but you won’t have a hard time watching it. Everything is crisp and clear.

Go ahead, have a view at the trailer video below.

Awesome? Now we all have to wait until mid 2016 to catch it in the cinema. Meanwhile, Avengers’ Age of Ultron is coming up next week. Are you excited yet? I definitely am.

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