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After blogging for more than 10 years, I finally received my highest honour as a blogger. I started blogging in 2003 during the early days of Blogger.com and LiveJournal.com. During the time, I was blogging almost on daily basis and shifted from Blogger platform to WordPress self-hosted websites. I lost a few data along the way, then I stopped blogging, and then start again, then stop again and finally I rebooted my blog known as Ohsem.me and that blog address stays.


With that being said, I won one of the most prestigious award in Malaysian blogging arena recently. It is my biggest honour to be voted as the Best Gadget & Technology Blog during the Malaysia Social Media Week 2015 (MSMW2015). I am lost for words actually. But I am very thankful to the judges for their votes.

Now I definitely won’t stop blogging and will pursue this hobby of mine for as long as I can.

Here are the full list of the blog award winners:

  1. Best Foodie Blog : www.squallcuisine.com
  2. Best News Blog : cgkaunseling.blogspot.com
  3. Best Gadget and Technology Blog : www.ohsem.me
  4. Best Gossip and Entertainment Blog : www.spinorbinmusic.com
  5. Best Lifestyle Blog : www.akupenghibur.com
  6. Best Comics Blog : tiada pemenang
  7. Best Photography Blog : tarmizishukri.com
  8. Best Shopping Blog : www.telekung.com.my
  9. Best Sports Blog : www.motorsportroom.my
  10. Best Travel Blog : timetravelafif.blogspot.com

Congratulations to all winners.

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MSMW2015 Best Gadget & Technology Blog

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