Year: 2016

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Lenovo Brings State of the Art Technology with the Yoga Book and Phab 2 Series


Press Release: Lenovo continues raising the bar for innovation yet again with a vanishing keyboard and the world’s first Tango-enabled phablet. Global technology leader, Lenovo, continues their innovative streak with…


Macau – Asia’s Las Vegas

Welcome to "Vegas" Macau. An island full of hotels, 24-hour casinos and high end brands at every corner of the island. If you love to shop for high end brands…
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My 8 Reasons to Get an Honor 8

The Huawei P9 was launched recently with a dual camera system by Leica. And then a few weeks after that, Huawei once again revealed to the world with another dual…

What’s New With The iPhone 7

Apple unveiled the latest iteration of what is arguably their flagship product, the iPhone, on 7th September, and the internet has exploded into a frenzy of polarised opinions.Whilst die-hard Apple…