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All Of Batman vs Superman Trailer Edited Into One Chronological Footage

We all seen the trailers for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. There are a few trailers for the most anticipated DC movie and I have seen them all. But when we look at those trailers, we can’t really make up the storyline nor the sequence of what comes first and what comes next. Trailers often made to get us excited for a movie release with all the key points being shown.

But one guy by the alias M1llion managed to mash up all the Batman vs Superman’s Dawn of Justice trailers into one lengthy footage in chronological order. M1llion successfully made the trailer more understandable with how it all began and so on. But after watching the “Supercut” trailer, I realised that most of the plot in the movie was revealed making it almost a huge spoiler.

Nevertheless, the Supercut trailer is so much fun to watch. All the scenes from the trailer footages mashed up seemingly, thanks to the editing skills by M1llion. He (or she?) made the entire 9 minute 45 second trailer feels like a short movie.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder and will be theaters worldwide on 25 March 2016. That’s just a little over a month to go. Dawn of Justice will kickstart the whole DC Extended Universe and I’m so looking forward to that.

Below is the said supercut video. Enjoy!

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