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While Being Under The Weather

It has been a while since I last fell sick, like really sick that I was in bed most of the time. I guess it’s the hot weather we’ve been having lately. Worst thing is, I can’t taste the food I’m eating. All my sense of taste was totally gone. This flu has been a nuisance these past 3 days.

But I’m feeling better now.

While I was down and out, I only went to one restaurant for dinner. I know that the Home Made Fish Head Noodle restaurant has been around for a long time and many bloggers have blogged about it. But I haven’t. So I think it’s a good time for me to contribute my thoughts about the restaurant while being under the weather.

I was looking for something healthy and serves vegetable soup. So I was reminded about the Home Made Fish Head Noodle restaurant in SS15 Subang Jaya. Prior to this, I’ve only been there once. I liked the food that they serve. So I thought again, why not go there and have the spinach soup with other dishes.

HomeMade Restaurant, SS15 Subang Jaya

Being sick, usually my appetite won’t be as good as normal days but somehow the food selection they have made my mouth water. So without hesitation, my first choice is the spinach soup with fish paste.

Spinach soup with fish paste
Awesome spinach soup with fish paste

The soup is definitely something worth having for a sick person. It warms me up like magic. Yeah, magic. Second dish selection is the assam seafood. I know I shouldn’t be eating anything spicy but what the heck. Fight fire with fire.

While Being Under The Weather
Assam seafood is really good

The assam seafood is one of the best tasting assam type of dish I’ve ever tasted. Imagine me not being able to taste much because of my flu, I can taste this assam seafood dish really well. Awesomely delicious. Oh yeah, my flu was gone after I finished this dish. For a while anyway.

While Being Under The Weather
Kung-pao beef

Kung-pao beef is a must. Super soft beef stir fried with onions and ginger and dried chili. I had this same dish when I came and dine here the first time. No harm on having it again.

At first I’m writing this blog post with the intention of telling my readers about healthy eating while being sick but I guess I ended up being off-topic. Yes, I’m also reviewing about the restaurant and their delicious food. So much for healthy eating. But hey, I’m 90% recovered after eating these delicious food. Guess what? I ordered the same dishes for two dinner nights in a row. My sense of taste is back and my flu is almost gone.

Those who haven’t tried the food at Home Made Fish Head Noodle restaurant, you should give it a try. The fish head noodle itself is really good. Price wise, very reasonable.


Along Jalan SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, Selangor,


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