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U Mobile Introduces Free Unlimited Video Streaming

Guess what? Today, U Mobile announced that you can now stream your favourite movies for FREE and totally unlimited any time of the day, not during weekends or after midnight anymore. The streaming won’t eat up your data as long as you stream from their 11 online video streaming partners.

From U Mobile’s Press Release

U Mobile is responding to their customers’ needs by being the first in Malaysia to offer 24 hours every day unlimited FREE video streaming. ‘Video-Onz™’ another evolutionary innovation from the telco is set to change the way their prepaid and postpaid customers enjoy online videos for they no longer have to worry about how much data they are consuming whilst streaming anywhere, any time of the day, as it will be completely free.

All the available online streaming sites

‘Video-Onz™’ service is available to customers who stream from any of the telco’s 11 partners’ content. This means, from today, customers who are streaming from YouTube, HyppTV Everywhere, Viu, iflix, Youku Tudou, Astro on the Go, tonton, Eros Now, Herotalkies, ONFM and Pocketimes will no longer be using their data. With Video-Onz™, U Mobile customers will really be spoilt for choice when deciding what entertainment to stream as the content providers offer a wide variety of popular shows in various languages including Malay, English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Hindi and even Bengali.

U Mobile’s Video-Onz™ will offer customers who are on P70, i90 and i130 postpaid plans unlimited video streaming for free without using their data. For other postpaid and broadband customers, they will get extra 100% data for Video-Onz™.

As for Prepaid customers, they will get extra 100% data for Video-Onz™ with purchase of UMI/MB data packages. E.g. Subscribers of UMI 30 prepaid plan with 1.5GB will be allocated extra 1.5GB for Video-Onz™. On top of that, all UMI customers enjoy Free Extra 1GB until 30 June 2016.

Jasmine Lee, U Mobile Chief Marketing Officer
Opening remarks by Jasmine Lee, U Mobile Chief Marketing Officer

Jasmine Lee, U Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer explained that when the telco launched free video streaming during off peak hours for YouTube and tonton since October 2014, it proved to be very popular. U Mobile experienced fourteen times increase in data usage for video streaming since the start of the promotion. In fact, forty five percent of the telco’s data traffic may be attributed to video streaming. Based on the insights, U Mobile worked very hard to explore ways to further enhance customers’ video streaming benefit. The result is Video-Onz™.

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So what the customers think about this?

Me (and all other people) as a mobile telco customer, will always look for a better deal. I am a prepaid SIM package because I don’t make much calls and I only use my phone for data. Nowadays, we can also call one another using VOIP such as WhatsApp or WeChat. And all these while, I’ve been looking for a telco that gives the best deal on data plans.

I was from telco “M”. It was getting more expensive but the data plan and internet connectivity is really good. Then I found out about telco “C”s midnight package plan where they provide unlimited high-speed internet from 1am – 7am, that comes with an affordable monthly data plan. I then moved to telco “C”. See the reason why I moved? It was because of the free unlimited data after midnight. And that is the time I used my phone the most. Yes, I’m an owl. And then I heard an awful rumour about telco “C” abolishing their after midnight free unlimited data plan. Now I have to look for another telco that will give me a better value for my monthly commitment.

U Mobile’s launch came in just at the right time. If telco “C” really going to abolish their unlimited midnight owl plan, I’m definitely moving to U Mobile.

Bottom line is, the telco that provides the best and most value for money services to their customers, win. Right now, U Mobile is heading in the right direction.

For more information on U Mobile’s products and services, please visit or participate in U Mobile’s various social activities by visiting U Mobile’s Facebook Page.

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