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Celcom Xpax Mobile App Launched

Celcom's Xpax App is available now.

All I can say is…finally! I have been waiting for this. Most of the other Telcos has already made their own prepaid mobile app to manage and monitor the data usage as well as to view the remaining credits available. Thank you Celcom and Xpax. Better late than never eh?

I ported out from telco “M” a few months back and they have a damn good mobile app to monitor my usage. When I started using Celcom Xpax, they don’t have any mobile app for that. Now I’m happy.

Celcom's Xpax App is available now.
Celcom’s Xpax App is available now.

I didn’t wait long to download the Xpax App from Google Play Store and then installed it immediately. The setting up process didn’t take long. Just a little bit buggy whereby I found that the method of signing up and verification can be made simpler.

From the comments and reviews that I read on the Play Store, there are many of those who have downloaded the app can’t login or having problems verifying the app. And some are complaining that it is too slow and laggy. Yes, I can feel that it is lagging a little bit. But it’s forgiven. This is Celcom’s first mobile app and they have a lot of brushing up to do.

When I first downloaded the app, there were only 3 comments/reviews with 5 stars rating in the Play Store. Now, there are 28 comments and reviews with 4 stars rating. Only about 50 total installs at the moment.

Here’s the app description by Celcom/Xpax:

Why should you use the Xpax App?

  • Because it is convenient! It tells you everything you need to know about your Xpax account.
  • It is also very useful as you can manage everything about your Xpax account from checking your balance, tracking all your Internet, call and SMS usages and many more!
  • Not only that, you can also perform any reload, send credit transfer to any of your friends and family, purchase add-on, subscribe to any of our Xpax packs all at the ease of one app.

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Celcom has also made it clear that this is an early release of the Xpax App. More updates will be added soon with more features and improvements.

You can download the Xpax App from Google Play Store now. For iOS, it’s coming soon.

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