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All-Metal Flash Plus 2 Launched at Very Affordable Price

Lunar Silver and Venus Gold
Official launch of Flash Plus 2
Official launch of Flash Plus 2

Flash Plus 2 – Uniquely Affordable All-Metal Device

The era of plastic body smartphones is ending. This is the era of the all-metal body devices that are lighter and more durable as well as eye catching smartphones. Earlier today, I was invited to the launch of the new very affordable all-metal Flash Plus 2 smartphone in Bandar Sunway. You won’t believe how much the Flash Plus 2 will cost.

Before we get to the price, I will tell you more about the Flash Plus 2.

The Flash Plus 2 is the newest member of the Flash series. It comes in 5.5″ screen size with OGS integrated high-definition screen that supports Miravision 2.0 smart eye-protecting mode. As for the processor, it is powered by MediaTek Helio P10 clocking the octa-core at 1.8GHz x4 and 1.0GHz x4 with ARM Mali-T860 MP2 GPU. The first batch of the Flash Plus 2 will come with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal space. The 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal space variant will be available sometime in June 2016.

Flash Plus 2 is light and durable
Flash Plus 2 is light and durable

The OS will be pure Android 6.0 Marshmallow out-of-the-box without any third-party launchers or whatsoever (like Samsung with TouchWiz – urghh). It is simply pure Android 6.0 experience and I can say it is very fast and snappy.

The Flash Plus 2 has three (3) dedicated slots for SIM and external memory – dual 4G SIM card slots and 1 MicroSD slot expandable to 128GB. It is useful for those who has 2 separate phone numbers but still want to have an external storage. I said this because most of the phones nowadays has dual SIM support but the second SIM slot is being shared by the MicroSD slot. You can only use either one. This is the advantage that the Flash Plus 2 has over their competitors. Another feature is Turbo Download. Turbo download means you can download any file using 4G network and WiFi simultaneously. Fast has now become faster.

Triple-card slots!
Triple-card slots!

As for the camera, the Flash Plus 2 adopts integration of PDAF and contrast focusing. Comes with rear dual “RealTone” LED flash and also with a front LED flash. Another key features of the Flash Plus 2 is the selfie mode. Most of the new phones will come with “Beauty Mode” for selfies. The Flash Plus 2 raised the bar a little bit when it comes to selfies. Not only it supports beauty mode for photos, it also has beauty mode for videos. Yes. Now you can look really good in self video portraits. All your pimples will magically disappear.

Another extra feature is the front fingerprint sensor located at the bottom of the phone on the “Home” button, similar to the iPhone. You can unlock your phone by using the fingerprint sensor and it only take about 0.5 seconds to unlock. It is very accurate, even though when the phone is upside-down. Supports 360 degrees fingerprint sensor, upright or terbalik also can.

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Another cool thing is that you can assign which app to open immediately with just a touch on the fingerprint sensor depending on which finger. Say you want to quickly launch WhatsApp from standby mode, you can assign your right index finger to open the app. Assign your middle finger to open Facebook, or assign your left pinky to open the camera. All up to you.

The battery comes with 3000mAh that supports fast-charging technology, from zero to 50% in just 30 minutes and guarantees 10 hours of continuous phone call. Good enough? Yes.

Comes in 2 colour options, Luna Silver and Venus Gold. In this case, I prefer the look of the Venus Gold colour instead. It simply looks more elegant and premium. The back brush metal finish really looks good, making the Flash Plus 2 feels grippy.

Lunar Silver and Venus Gold
Lunar Silver and Venus Gold

If you’re an audiophile, the Flash Plus 2 features HiFi quality sound that is music to your ears, literally. It has a built in amplifier that will produce a volume of up to 8 times louder than any other phones. The music app is something unique as well. It can detect the BPS and seamlessly “mix” your music files so that you won’t have a gap in-between songs. You will feel like a deejay with this. Oh, if you want to mix your own music, you can do that with its own MIX editing app, then you’ll feel more like a deejay.

The first model (2GB RAM, 16GB space) will be available for pre-order from today onward exclusively in Lazada at and will officially be available on 31 May 2016. You may have to wait a little bit longer for the 3GB + 32GB variant and will also exclusively be available on Lazada. Now for the unbelievable price. The 2GB + 16GB variant will cost only RM599 (I was quite stunned by the price) and for the upcoming 3GB + 32GB version is RM729 (my jaw dropped at this point). I saw the phone, I tested it, I felt it in my hands and how premium it feels. And that’s the price? That’s freakin’ cheap!

Ok guys. If you want to get your hands on the Flash Plus 2, head over to Lazada’s website to pre-order your unit or wait till 31st May also can when it’s officially available.

First Look Video:

More photos:

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