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Out of Printer Toner? Apple Toner is Here to Help

Hey guys! Found this one website that I thought was pretty alright. They’re a local company that sells printing ink and all things related. So here’s how the story goes… I was printing yesterday evening and my copy came out all dull and with those random uneven lines. Great…! Out of printer ink. I bought a decent toner cartridge froma mall in town the last time I had to replace it, but I’m in no mood to have to get through traffic, park the car and navigate through the weekend crowd just for some ink cartridges.

So with a quick search I soon discovered Looks like a simple and pretty clean looking site, referencing themselves as Malaysia’s best online toner cartridgeshop. Their Shipping Info page is informative. They offer same day delivery if you’re in the Klang Valley (lucky me!) and order before 12pm, so I’m like “well that’s good”. There’s a 1-year warranty on anything I buy off them as well. Their pricing and shipping information is quite straightforward which is always a welcomed sight.
Have a look at a screenshot of said page.

Shipping info and stuff

It didn’t take much more to convince me so I decided to give it a try. Found what I wanted easily by simply entering my printer brand and series, then voila! Found my printer ink. Their Shopping Cart and check out was pretty easy to use and standard so no problems there!

Looking through the website

Once I was done with that, I took my time and started checking out the rest of the site. Seems like these guys are based in Bukit Tinggi, Klang. They’re quite niche and beyond selling just ink cartridges, they’ve got a rather decent range of toner cartridge and printing products too; such as various types and brands of printers, drum cartridges, ribbons, films and even maintenance services. Seems like they got some competitive pricing seeing as how I paid for my printer inkat a (slightly) lower price than what I’m used to. But hey! That’s always a good thing. And Apple Toner supplies to a fair amount of companies, schools and government bodies too so not too shabby.

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I did hear from some of my buddies that they’re happy with this website, not experiencing any real problems with them. My order came through though today evening so I’m as happy as a peach. Might actually try to order a couple more things from them soon to see if they’re as good as it seems.

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