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Flamingo App Is Simple Yet Ohsem Twitter Client

There was a time when using a non-native Twitter client was rather an “in thing”. A few selections of good Twitter clients were available especially to those who were using BlackBerry smartphones back then. I was one of them. I love using Social Scope for BlackBerry last time. Others would use different ones like Tweetdeck or Seesmic Twitter client. Basically we were avoiding the official Twitter client because we can do more with the third-party clients.

Now, there are so many Twitter clients out there. I recently found out about a new Twitter client that is made easy and simple, but yet an awesome client.

Flamingo for Twitter is still in beta version. I have been using it for the whole day yesterday and up to 3pm today, I have not seen any bugs or feel sluggish while using the Flamingo app. It is fast and has a simple beautiful flat material like UI.

Screenshot_2016-06-13-16-05-16 Screenshot_2016-06-13-16-19-58
Screenshot_2016-06-13-15-59-19 Screenshot_2016-06-13-15-51-16

You can fully customize the look and feel of the Twitter client, down to the colours and line height for each tweets. It also comes with a theme manager where you can select which theme you want to use. In the pictures above, one is using the native theme and the other is a customized theme.

Functions like having a multiple accounts is also available. So if you have more than one Twitter account, you can add more accounts in Flamingo. Of course, the office Twitter client has this function too. Not really a niche in this one.

Screenshot_2016-06-13-16-01-43 Screenshot_2016-06-13-16-01-50

Flamingo for Twitter app is just another simple Twitter client. But the reason why you might like it is because it’s simple and it just works. Before I forget, I would like to mention one of the function that I like in this one. If you wish to see the photo in a tweet, simply long press on the image and it will pop-out lightbox style to show you the preview.

Flamingo is available now on Google Play Store for only RM3.99. Yes, you have to pay for this app in order to download and use. But I assure you, it will be worth the money…if you prefer to use a third-party Twitter client.

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