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Now You Can Brew Your Own E-Juice at

My Vapologist website

Being a vape business owner and a long time vaper myself, I have always wanted a quick and easy way to make my own customized e-juice for my daily vape. Making my own takes time and lots of raw materials, plus I have to order some of the materials from overseas and it will take a long time to arrive. And then there’s the tedious measurements to be done. I do know how to brew myself but the brewing stages will take a lot of my time.

And then I found a website. Actually, they found me. is a full 100% online custom brewing website made to serve one purpose for its customers, to make your flavours! That’s right. They have abundance of raw flavours in their hands with thousands of flavour combinations that you can think of. All you have to do is head over to the website and start selecting your “secret” ingredients.

My Vapologist website
My Vapologist website

First, here’s a little introduction about They are a European company with large sales affiliate companies all over the world including Malaysia. They have over 800+ types of raw flavours for wholesale and for custom blend customers, targeting their market segments for brewers around the globe.

Now, after knowing about what they do, I registered myself in their website and made my own e-juice. This was the first time I ever use a web-based brewing platform and it’s so easy to use. Let me show you the steps that I took and how easy it is. And they have a cute name for their brand as well. It’s called Rabbit’s Foot Custom Brews.

Choose your bottle size

First thing you have to do is choose your bottle size. You want it in 15ml, 30ml, 60ml or 120ml. All up to you. Of course, the bigger it is, the more money it’s gonna cost you.

Choice of flavours

Secondly, you choose your flavours. There are hundreds of flavours available. Take your time to see what is available or do your own research first before choosing your flavours. And then select the percentage amount of each flavours to be added in your custom brew. Easy enough? Great…let’s move on.

PG/VG and Nicotine

The third section is where you choose your PG/VG ratio. I would always prefer more towards PG because you can get more flavour out of it. So I choose mine as 60PG/40VG. You can opt for more VG if you wish to have more vapor production. That is entirely up to you. That is the best thing about this website. You can choose what you want. And then you choose your nicotine strength. I set mine as 9mg (picture shown as 7mg because I screenshot it too early). After that you can name your juice. To whatever you want.

Add comments

Finally, if you have any special instructions or comments, you can fill it in the form too. Say if you want to make your juice taste a little sweeter, you can mention it here. If you have more flavours to add in, you can screenshot it and upload the screenshot it here. But not compulsory. In the end, you simply hit the “Add to cart” button and done! Make your payment and wait for your custom e-juice to arrive in the mail.

I received mine within 2 weeks. I did not expect to get my e-juice that soon but it came in the mail anyway. And I was happy to try it immediately. Ok, here’s what I received:

I got 3 juices.

The one that I “made” myself is the Key Lime Pie. The Short Bread and Fruit Loops are the ones made by Rabbit’s Foot Custom Brews/ Mine turns out better than I expected but may need to add more sweetener. I love the Short Bread flavour by them. But I haven’t get the chance to try the Fruit Loops yet. But it smells yummy.

So…fancy in making your own custom vape brew? Why not head over to now and give it a go. Like I said, they have more than 800+ types of raw flavours to choose from with thousands of combinations available. Best of all, you don’t have to do all the hard work. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

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