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Soon You Can Tweet 140 Second Long Video

If you’re like me who loves Twitter, you can I both would appreciate the extended video length on our future tweets. Some of us think that the 30 seconds limit for a Twitter video is too short. Some think it’s too long. As for me who are looking into creating informative video on day to day lifestyles, 140 seconds is exactly what I needed.

Soon we will all be able to Tweet the extended video length for our videos or video retweets. Twitter is apparently not going to be running ads in its video stream at launch – unlike Facebook – but that may very well appear in future.

It seems that Twitter is not the only platform that will extend their video length. Vine is joining in the party from their iconic 6 second video to 140 second video as well. Now so we’re going to be able see the extended video playback on both platforms.

Twitter has also announced a new analytics app called Engage to allow creators to track their videos’ performance. The changes to video duration will appear on Twitter today and initially only to a select group of influential Viners. The Engage app will be out in the very near future and the dedicated news feed in Twitter is “coming soon” – Android Authority

Now the question is, which would you prefer? Do you wish to see the longer video length or are you comfortable with the current shorter version of the video? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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