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With so many mobile plans available out there, how do you choose one that will give you the most value for money? Here are some key pointers to help you choose the best mobile plan, read on for more info.

What is your USAGE STYLE?

Do you only use your mobile phone to make calls as well as send and receive texts? Be honest with yourself because if you’re not much of a gamer and you don’t do much video or music streaming, you really won’t need an unlimited mobile internet allocation.

But on the other hand, if you do enjoy streaming and you make a lot of calls, you can opt for a mobile plan which will offer all these extra services. For example, if you need to make a lot of calls, look for a mobile plan which gives you free calls allocation to all networks. If you enjoy watching videos or listening to music online, look for a mobile plan which gives extra data allocation for streaming, or even higher data allocation. The point here is to pick a mobile plan that will suit your style of usage, whether you need more call time or internet data.

Do you want CONVENIENCE?

If you don’t want the hassle of topping up to make sure you can continue making calls and keep your account active, a postpaid mobile plan is ideal for you. This is because you can automate payment for your phone bills via auto charging it to your credit card.

So you won’t lose access to making calls and using your phone as compared to if you were on a prepaid plan. On a prepaid plan, when you run out of credit you’ll have to top up before you can make any calls which can be time-consuming.


The mobile plans available in the market these days offers many extra perks and advantages. Some mobile plan providers also claim that the perks such as data or for example video or music streaming are free. In reality, all of those perks are “free” because of the higher price you are paying for that mobile plan. If you were to choose a mobile plan with a cheaper price tag, you’ll notice that those “free” perks are not included in those basic plans.

You’ll actually be paying more for variety, but if you don’t need it opt for a simple no frills mobile plan. Both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans offer different packages according to a user’s needs. The key is to pick a basic plan without any of the extra frills you don’t use or need.

Do you want to have FLEXIBILITY?

Does your monthly mobile usage constantly change and you want to have flexibility to the type of plans you subscribe to? If you opt for a postpaid plan, it usually involves a contract and also a fixed monthly amount to pay, even if you don’t use all of the services like the “free 60 minutes call in a month”. Prepaid plans do not involve contracts which mean you can easily switch between different types of plans, and even switch mobile service providers easily. So for flexibility, prepaid mobile plans are the way to go. You may read this article which listed the best mobile prepaid plans to help you decide.

Whether you opt for postpaid or prepaid mobile plan, ask yourself what are the top 3 functions of your mobile phone you use the most. That can then help you to pick the best value for money mobile plan.

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