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A Year Older And Compressport Hybrid Challenge

So I turned a year older a couple weeks back and did very low-key stuff that I enjoyed, with the people that I enjoy doing it with. I did a 3km morning run at 6.30 am (on my own) and brought my Queen out for breakfast. Then my girlfriends brought me out for a much needed session of coffee, laughter and cakes at Madeline Café & Pattiseries, the Spring. I’ll give you the review of the place in my next entry but what I will share with you next is what I did the day after my birthday.

I actually signed up for Compressport Hybrid Challenge which is a 3km road run and 10km trail. This would have been my second time joining such event (runs/trails). I had no idea why I signed up and the night before I was like “I should be laughing with my friends, having wine and cheese instead of sleeping early tonight”. Regret crept in making me feel sick in my stomach. I asked myself why at this age of nearing 40 I make myself crazy by signing up for something unnecessary. With all that regret, I finally slept.


Woke up at 4 am, got ready and was glad it was raining. Ah, there is hope! Like the event being cancelled because of rain. It rained throughout the journey to the venue which was at Permai Rainforest Resort. The crowd was of about 700 plus participants who seemed eager. There was people taking selfies/wefies. I just said to myself, what a wonderful day to sleep in. There was no obvious sign for the challenge to be cancelled since the rain was not heavy. Eventually, announcement was made and the challenge will continue but a bit later than the actual time informed which was 7.30 am. My friend & I agreed not to run and just walk throughout the whole challenge and we were among the last batch to leave the starting point. You see, my friend runs in marathons (like full blown 42 kilometers). So when someone as pro as that tells you she just wants to walk, you follow. Don’t argue, just follow.

So we walked and then finally, entered into the section where the trail part started. Good thing we didn’t decide to run because some parts you need to wait for those in front. The trail part consists of routes at Santubong mountain. Trust me, if you have trekked here before it is not an easy route. There’s steep hills, there’s flat sections and there are parts where you need to hold on to ropes, rocks and all. You practically use your whole body to go about the routes here. We did go through a few waterfalls, rope bridge and steep section. I won’t talk more on the routes (you have to go and try it yourself). But I will tell you how I loved the team that did this event.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-31-at-2-23-04-pmThere was enough information on what to prepare for – like there is no water station along the way , except at the starting and end point, so please bring enough water for yourself. Then there were those cute signs telling you where are you at with funny remarks that made you laugh (although you are cursing yourself why you torture yourself going through all this). There is also the jovial, cheerful team who waited for every single person who joined the run at the end point. Everyone was cheered with claps and loud hoorays and yays. I felt like, yes I didn’t get any top 10 reward but they applaud and cheered you for finishing it! Isn’t that marvelous? The marshals at the points along the routes did the same. They kept cheering, keep going, you can do it, and clap and cheered for every group/person that passed them by. Trust me, when you go into the jungle and was told you have another say, 7km to go through and you have 2 people cheering and believing that you can finish it, YOU WILL FINISH IT.

Of course, for about 5 hours or so we finished it and was greeted with cheery faces at the finishing line congratulating us for making it. Then there’s like a few people (the event team) asking us have we had our free breakfast/lunch and do we need water. Boy, was I famished. Free food and drinks? Yes, of course! Water with infused fresh fruits was served and there’s no limit to how much you are allowed to take/drink. There’s also free isotonic drink (Revive) for us. See why I love the event management team? All that pain of 13km run and trail felt worth it because they made it worth it.

In summary, I had fun, I had pain, I had a wonderful time with my friends during the whole challenge and I am glad that my first run + trail challenge was this actual event. The team that did the event is Grit Event Management and so far for those who joined a few of their events/runs have great praises for their very much well planned before and after the event. I am looking forward for any event that they have in store and believe that this event management team will go far if they continue on doing what they’re doing. Kudos, guys for making the event and ensuring it to be a fun filled event.


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