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As we start a new year, the tech world once again congregated in Las Vegas for The Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The event is one of the most anticipated and biggest tech events in the world which took place between January 5-8. From robots to smart cars, the conference presents the world the latest high-tech devices that are set to revolutionize the tech industry.

In this article, we will highlight the top technologies that took center stage at the recently concluded CES 2017 and why we think they are game changers.

Kuri: The Robot Nanny


One of the show stoppers at the CES 2017 were the amazing robots. Kuri, a cute personal robot was launched by a company based in Mayfield and can monitor your home while you are out at work. The robot comes with a mobile security camera that allows homeowners to view everything that is happening in their homes as Kuri has wheels and is able to go around the house to take images and videos. It can also control smart-home products, so you can dim the lights through wireless tech while you’re out of the house.

It will be available around December 2017 for approximately $699.00.

Fove O’s eye-tracking headset


Although it’s still not a real product yet, we find Fove O’s concept a must-have for every gamer. If ever they push through with the idea, the company will be the first to have a usable virtual reality headset with a built-in eye-tracking sensor. Since current VR interfaces are still imprecise and data from eye tracking technology comes with plenty of data to render scenes, this VR headset concept has a lot of area for development.

The company hasn’t disclosed when this advanced VR headset will be available, but they said it will cost around $599.00 when it is eventually released on the market.

Incipio’s smart wall switch


The company known for producing iPhone 7 cases and Apple Watch accessories joined the CES 2017 to launch the expanded version of their CommandKit home automation products. Incipio has introduced the Wireless Smart Wall Switch that is compatible with the HomeKit. The Wireless Smart Wall Switch is designed to allow homeowners to wirelessly control their HomeKit-connected items, such as their light bulbs, using their iOS device. It comes with motion sensor functionality so it can detect a person immediately when they enter a room.

For those using iOS 10-powered devices (iPhone, iPad, Macs), Siri can also be used to control and automate HomeKit devices. It was reported by O2 that one of the best features of the iPhone 7 is the iOS 10 as it comes with improved functionalities such as smarter Siri that connects all Apple devices using similar Apple ID seamlessly. Thus, homeowners will be able to wirelessly control their smarthome products even on their Mac PCs through Siri.

It will be available in the second quarter of 2017 with a starting price of $59.99.

Willow hands-free breast pump


A revolutionary electronic breast pump was introduced at the CES that every mom would love to have. Introducing Willow breast pump, a cordless and hands-free technology that can aid mothers in producing breast milk for their offspring. For many mothers, providing their babies with enough breast milk or sticking to a strict schedule can be a challenge. This wearable is simple to use, lets you stay in sync with its paired app, it’s cordless, and quiet to use – a perfect companion for every mother that is currently breast feeding their baby.

Willow breast pump costs $429.99 and will be available in spring.

Tanvas Touch


Tanvas, a company from Chicago, introduced the Tanvas Touch that gives tablet users a way to feel the items on their screens. The touch feedback gives users a sense of what different materials feel like even through their mobile devices.

Tanvas hasn’t disclosed when the product will be available to purchase or how much it will cost the consumer.

After the success of the CES 2017, the organization has started promoting next year’s tech event on their official website. With the tag line: ‘Innovators Always Think Ahead’ they are now calling for the next set of exhibitors who want to showcase their innovations at the CES 2018 to be held on January 9-12, 2018.

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