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I remember the first time I was brought to a car dealer by my late father. I was about 19-years-old back then and I had just started working. Back then, having your own car was a big thing. Going around to find the right car was a tedious but fun task – tedious because I had to look through the newspaper classifieds every single day or drive around with my dad to a car dealership; fun because, hey, I was getting my own car.

Fast forward to 2017 and we now live in a very connected era. Purchasing a new or used car has become easier too. We don’t need to travel and waste our precious petrol anymore – all thanks to an excellent app: Carlist.my.

The Carlist.my app is very simple and straightforward. Searching for the car of your dream is fast and easy. No more wasting time and energy as everything is done through the convenient Carlist.my app on your mobile device – right at your fingertips. Carlist.my features thousands of free car listings that you can check out from the mobile app. That means you can view thousands of new and used cars directly on your phone. It is well-known as Malaysia’s largest online car marketplace.

If you’re a little worried about being conned by a fake dealer, fret not. All the registered dealers listed in the Carlist.my app are verified and reliable. The app also has a built-in chat feature with the dealer if you want to inquire more about the vehicle that you’re keen on. You can also view other users’ comments regarding the dealer’s reliability. This lessens the chances of a buyer getting ripped off by a fake car dealer.

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To test out the app, I tried searching for a certain car and specified some criteria that I’m looking for. The app then quickly listed all the related cars with the criteria that I wanted. Simple! I can then look through the list one at a time and also do a quick comparison between 2-3 cars of the same model. And when I’m interested to purchase a car, I can directly call the dealer right from the app itself or send a chat request. The Carlist.my app also comes with a loan calculator for a quick calculation on loan repayment amount.

Basically, the Carlist.my app comes with everything you need to start looking for your dream car. I have seen other apps similar to Carlist.my but none of the others are as extensive and detailed as this one. Because of this, I have full confidence on Carlist.my listings. You can head over to the main website www.carlist.my to start browsing for your new car but having the Carlist.my app on your phone is way better.

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iOS: http://carl.st/iOScarlistmy
Android: http://carl.st/Androidcarlistmy

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Buying a Car Becomes Easier With Carlist.my App

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