Which Malaysian Telcos Offer The Best Value On Postpaid Plan?

Looking for a new postpaid plan? We’ve got you covered. In order to find the best deal for you, we have done a broad postpaid plan comparison in Malaysia. Depending on what type of user you are, we have listed the plans with the most value for you here.

Looking for a plan on a budget? Take a look at the table below to see the top 10 cheapest postpaid plans in Malaysia:

Rank Provider Postpaid plan Monthly rate GB included
1 U-Mobile U-Mobile U28 RM28 3GB
2 Celcom FIRST blue RM45 4GB
3 yes Yes Postpaid 48 RM48 10GB
4 U-Mobile U-mobile P50 RM50 5GB
5 Digi Digi postpaid 50 RM50 10GB
6 yes Yes Postpaid 68 RM68 16GB
7 U-Mobile U-Mobile P70 RM70 15GB
8 Yes Yes Postpaid 78 RM78 20GB
9 Digi Digi postpaid 80 RM80 20GB
10 Celcom FIRST gold RM80 20GB

Got a little more money to spend? Here are the top 10 postpaid plans with the most data:

Rank Provider Postpaid Plan GB included Monthly rate
1 Celcom First Platinum 60GB RM150
2 Maxis Maxisone plan 188 50GB RM188
3 Yes Yes Postpaid 158 46GB RM158
4 Celcom First gold plus 40GB RM98
5 Maxis Maxisone plan 158 40GB RM158
6 Yes Yes Postpaid 128 38GB RM128
7 U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 30GB RM98
8 Maxis Maxisone plan 128 30GB RM128
9 Digi Digi postpaid 110 25GB RM110
10 Yes Yes Postpaid 88 24GB RM88
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You’ve seen the cheapest plans and the plans with the most data, but which plans are actually the cheapest per GB? We’ve listed the 10 Postpaid plans with the best price to data ratio for you here:

Rank Provider Postpaid Plan Price to GB ratio GB included Monthly rate
1 Celcom First gold plus 2.45 40GB RM98
2 Celcom First Platinum 2.50 60GB RM150
3 U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 3.27 30GB RM98
4 Yes Yes Postpaid 128 3.37 38GB RM128
5 Yes Yes Postpaid 158 3.43 46GB RM158
6 Yes Yes Postpaid 88 3.67 24GB RM88
7 Maxis Maxisone plan 188 3.76 50GB RM188
8 Yes Yes Postpaid 78 3.90 20GB RM78
9 Maxis Maxisone plan 158 3.95 40GB RM158
10 Digi Digi postpaid 80 4.00 20GB RM80

Don’t really care much for data? Check below to see all Postpaid plans with unlimited calls:

Provider Postpaid Plan Calls Data Price
Maxis Maxisone plan 188 unlimited calls & SMS 50GB RM188
Maxis Maxisone plan 158 unlimited calls & SMS 40GB RM158
Maxis Maxisone plan 128 unlimited calls & SMS 30GB RM128
Maxis Maxisone plan 98 unlimited calls & SMS 20GB RM98
Celcom First Platinum unlimited calls & SMS 60GB RM150
Celcom FIRST gold unlimited calls 20GB RM80
Celcom First gold plus unlimited calls 40GB RM98
U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 unlimited calls 5GB RM98
U-Mobile U-Mobile P70 unlimited calls 3GB RM70
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Lastly, we’ve listed all Postpaid plans with high entertainment value:

Provider Postpaid Plan Entertainment Data Monthly rate
Celcom First Platinum unlimited access to Iflix for 12 months 60GB RM150
Celcom First gold plus free Yonder music 40GB RM98
Celcom FIRST gold free Yonder music 20GB RM80
U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 30GB RM98
U-Mobile U-Mobile P70 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 15GB RM70
U-Mobile U-mobile P50 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 5GB RM50
U-Mobile U-Mobile U28 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 3GB RM28
Celcom FIRST blue unlimited music 4GB RM45

We hope that this article can help you find a postpaid plan that suits your needs. Use the tables above to find the best mobile internet plans in Malaysia. If a Postpaid plan is not for you, check out this article to find the best prepaid plans in Malaysia.

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