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The first day of the Lunar New Year marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, paving way for the traditional practice of ‘spring cleaning’ in Malaysian households.

Beyond the superstition of obviating bad luck, spring cleaning or commonly known as the thorough cleaning of the home, takes place simply because ushering in the New Year with a clean and organised home is believed to improve the quality of life in every way possible. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, Samsung is simplifying household tasks and revamping home living to get homes spick and span for a truly enjoyable festive break.

Your Home Gets New Clothes Too

The season has come to bring out vibrant new cushion covers and curtains to get ready for the celebrations. While it is an exciting time for most, it is also a task for some to ensure that their curtains, sheets, pillowcases and duvets are kept fresh and clean for guests. But why not skip that trip to the nearest laundromat and let Samsung’s FlexWash™ do the job?

This brand new innovation by Samsung allows you to have the flexibility in getting 2 washers and 1 dryer – all in one single machine. Both washers can run simultaneously so you can save time and energy getting more clothes cleaned for the whole family.

The front-load washer is equipped with AddWash feature that conveniently allows you to add in small items in mid-cycle, without having to restart the entire process! The top load washer includes a sink that doubles as a convenient place to pre-treat heavily soiled clothes, and a water jet that starts and stops at the push of a button to help with the washing. This unique feature helps achieve hand-washing in one sitting, and reduces back strain and messy water spillage from transporting pre-treated clothes. Samsung’s EcoBubble™ technology turns detergent into fine bubbles that gently penetrates the fabric to remove dirt easily – delivering powerful cleaning, even at low temperatures.

Malaysia’s weather can be quite a guessing game for most.This should not stop you from doing extensive laundry from home and worrying about drying clothes outdoors. Samsung’s Front Load Dryer with AirWash technology can help you dry, deodorise and sanitise your clothes effectively, ensuring that they always smell fresh. AirWash releases super-hot air to repel unpleasant odours, bacteria and allergens from your fabric without the need use harsh chemicals or hot, boiling water.

Keeping Your Home Spotless

As cleaning can often be a tiresome chore, homeowners can now rely on Samsung’s POWERbot robot vacuum cleaner to help save the day. Samsung’s POWERbot vacuum cleaner possesses the agility to access hard-to-reach places and strength to vacuum the tiniest dust particles. In a matter of minutes, you will be walking on cleaner floors and carpets. The mini yet powerful machine comes with Visionary Mapping™ Plus System that uses high performance sensors and an on-board digital camera to map your house and calculate the most efficient cleaning path.

Another Samsung product that you may find handy for thorough cleaning is Samsung’s POWERstick with Extreme Suction Power vacuum cleaner. It maintains the optimum cleaning performance, featuring a powerful motor and innovative pick-up brush that thoroughly vacuums dust with ease. It also features EZClean Technology that lets you easily dispose dust or debris, including long hairs so that you don’t have to remove them by hand.

Clean anywhere you want without worrying about power plug points as Samsung POWERstick comes with a reliable Li-ion battery that can deliver 40 minutes of cleaning time with a single charge .

Freshest Ingredients for Delightful Festive Delicacies

Chinese New Year is all about the hearty reunion dinners at home with your loved ones. Essentially, a reunion dinner ensures that everyone is ushered into a thriving new year; well-fed and happy. Cook those irresistible dumplings, spring rolls, and roasted chicken using only the freshest ingredients stored in the Samsung Food Showcase with Twin Cooling Plus™ technology refrigerator.

Twin Cooling Plus™ technology works by cooling the fridge and freezer compartments separately. It independently controls the individual compartments to prevent the mixing of odours, as well as optimizing the temperature to preserve humidity so fresh produce can last longer without drying out.

The Showcase refrigerator acts like a ‘fridge within a fridge’ and you can quickly scan through its second glass door to locate your favourite food and snacks. To care for your delicate vegetables and fruits, the InnerCase can ensure that your groceries stay perfectly fresh, deeper within the fridge without having to mix with other foods. Keep your wine and carbonated drinks chilled at all times in the Food Showcase refrigerator, in case you have unexpected visitors coming over. The Flex Guard lets you flexibly use the door space to store various sized items including taller bottles as it can be easily adjusted with ease.

Not only that, you can put your trust into Samsung’s HOTBLAST™ Convection Microwave Oven should you require a much faster home cooking alternative. The oven comes with SLIM FRY™ technology that combines the grill with warm air circulation, so food is cooked crispy outside and juicy inside, using only a touch of oil. Apart from that, the Healthy Steam function allows you to prepare tasty, succulent dumplings in a customized cooking glass container.

Bond over Classic CNY Flicks and Blockbusters

After a long day of feasting and house visiting, settle down comfortably in your living room with Samsung’s Curved QLED TV and Soundbar Sound+ for an entertaining night in with the whole family and friends.

Immerse in the life-like colour perfection on Curved QLED TV, thanks to the Quantum Dot technology. You can experience better picture depths and bolder contrasts, and the visuals are so vivid it almost feels like you’re in the show. You can sit anywhere in the living room and still enjoy the same viewing experience – thanks to the TV’s practical curved design.

Minimise clutter as well by placing your new Curved QLED TV on a stand or flushed against the wall. After all, it is designed to complement any home and any family.

To boost your home entertainment experience, it is recommended to pair the Curved QLED TV up with Samsung Soundbar Sound+. Enjoy cinematic surround sound in your living room with the state-of-the-art Wide-range tweeter embedded into the Soundbar Sound+. Feel the stunningly realistic HD Audio that preserves the quality and richness of the original sound. Enjoy a fun karaoke night-in with the family and sing along to evergreen festive tunes to add a little unique twist to your usual Chinese New Year gathering activities.

Samsung’s Joy of Prosperity campaign which runs from now until 28th February 2018 is sure to bring smiles as there is a special deal for just about everyone. Share the happiness this Chinese New Year with the whole family by furnishing your home with the best TV and digital appliances designed to fit all your festive needs. You can even bring home gifts worth up to RM26,000 with the purchase of selected Samsung products.

Do head over now to any Samsung authorised outlets to enjoy these irresistible festive deals this New Year! To find out more about the Joy of Prosperity campaign, please click here.

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