The Note Legacy: A Story of Pioneers

The Note was conceptualized based on consumer insights and innovations, designed to inspire more creativity outputs and digital consumptions than one could ever imagine. This device kick started the large-screen trends and pen computing; with the aim to combine both power and design sophistication into one.

As the latest addition of the Note legacy is set to be unveiled in a week, let’s briefly reminisce and explore the evolution of the mobile device that created a class of its own during the era of tiny handsets.

Launched in September 2011, Samsung unveiled its first Galaxy Note equipped with a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD (800p) screen. It defied the common expectation at the time when thinner, lighter and smaller phones were the trend in the industry.

Adding to that, it brought the stylus back and gave us its signature S Pen improved in every single way possible.

After the success of the original Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note2 had to be bigger and better in almost each and every aspect. It introduced new features such as the multi-window feature which enhanced productivity on-the-go, Air View that previews the content by hovering the pen above the screen and the button on the S-Pen that enables functions of quick commands.

For the Galaxy Note3, Samsung continued to push the limit for improvement in its hardware and design, once again creating plenty of firsts in the series. The screen size jumped up to 5.7 inches with a 1080p full HD resolution.

From its predecessor’s 8-megapixels camera, the Note3 had a 13-megapixel camera at its rear that could shoot 4K videos, which created another first for the series. Moreover, its design was elevated to a premium look by the leather backing with stitching on the sides.

The Galaxy Note4 became a true powerhouse during its time because of its improved specs and features. Not only did it feature a Quad-HD resolution, a fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button made it even more unique as well.

Arriving with a metal-trimmed frame design that gave a premium look to it, the Note 4’s powerful performance on its hardware brought multi-tasking abilities to a new level as well.

Considering all the high performances that the predecessors had demonstrated, one would think that it would have been a challenge for Galaxy Note5 to be the next best. However, when the Galaxy Note5 came into the market, it represented a premium look with an appealing design through its metal frame and glass backing, a well-balanced screen-to-body size ratio, and its power for productivity through enhanced software and upgraded signature S Pen. The S Pen adopted an auto-eject mechanism, which mimicked the click with a pen; and it also had a Screen Off Memo application.

After that, Galaxy Note8 came about with a mission to ‘Do Bigger Things’. It continued to offer optimal user experiences through its innovative display, design, and technologies. As of now, the Galaxy Note8’s 6.3 inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display is Samsung’s largest screen, allowing you to see more and scroll less.

The S Pen unlocks Live Messaging features that enable users to express and communicate in unique ways. It is also the first smartphone with two 12-megapixel rear cameras that has a dual optical image stabilization feature.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has definitely been a conversation starter ever since its launch, always remaining at the top of the game. It continues to be Samsung’s most powerful and feature-packed device with numerous firsts of its age.

Inspired by what matters most to people, Samsung continues to push the boundaries of what technology can offer to help people to achieve what they can’t. Coming together with the most advanced thinking, creation and engineering, the next Galaxy Note will define what’s “powerful enough to keep up with you”.

Stay tuned to watch the next Note legacy being Unpacked, as we’ve said time and time again: A lot can change in a day.

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