5 Benefits You’ll Only Get If You Are a Selangor Resident

If you’re living in Selangor, the chances are you’ve missed out on a lot of benefits that are only for Selangor residents. These are benefits that will make non-Selangorians green with envy – talk about exclusivity.

Skim Peduli Sihat

Peduli Sihat

Families living in Selangor with a household income of no more than RM3,000 a month can receive up to RM500 for their medical expenses. However, there are several terms and conditions, of course.

To be eligible for this Skim Peduli Sihat, you have to be living in the state of Selangor for more than 10 years, and a husband and wife with two children below 21 years of age with a household income of no more than RM3,000, OR you are an individual above the age of 21 with a monthly individual income of no more than RM1,500.

If you successfully apply for the scheme, you will receive a “Peduli Sihat” health card that enables you to receive the treatments at 1,000 participating clinics in the state.

Skim Bantuan Asuhan Rakyat

If you have a toddler that’s aged four years and below who is attending a nursery or daycare center, then you’ll benefit from receiving RM100 per month to help provide some relief on the fees. To apply, you or your spouse will have to be born and living in Selangor (or for at least five years if you’re not born there), you have a household income of no more than RM2,500 for one child or no more than RM3,000 for two children, and both you and your spouse are working full-time.

Asuhan Rakyat

Khidmat Bas Selangorku Percuma

No car, no problem. The Selangorku bus provides free transportation in the three major areas of Selangor: Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, and Klang. Just get on the bus, no need car lah!

Selangorku House

No car, no problem. No house? Less problem. The Selangorku House is an initiative by the Selangor government to ensure that you can afford a low-cost house (if you live in Selangor).

To be eligible for this affordable housing, you must: be 18 years old and above, have a monthly income between RM3,001 to RM8,000, not own any residential property in Selangor. If you do apply, the house must only be occupied by you (and family), not for rental purposes!


Free Wi-fi with #SmartSelangor

You read that right. There is a total of 300 spots around Selangor that have free Wi-Fi hotspots for internet accessibility. The hotspots are mostly focused in areas with larger number of people from the lower income group, though the government is looking to increase the number of hotspots in the state.

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