K True Wireless Earphone is Your In-Ear Personal Trainer

K True Wireless Earphone
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KuaiFit’s K True Wireless Earphone comes with unlimited access to 100+ adaptive audio training plans for running, cycling, gym, fitness and many more.

This little wireless marvel landed on my table one fine day and the first thing I notice is how small and good looking this wireless earphone is. But the thing that I am looking forward to the most is how will it fare in real life testing. So this is where I put the little K True Wireless Earphone to test.

First I would like to give a big thanks to KuaiFit for giving me a chance to review this small wonder and as a token, I get to keep it. I can only say this for now, I love it and I’m gonna use it.

First Impressions

I think I have already mentioned what my first impressions of the earphone already but I’m going to elaborate on it a little bit. My first thought when I saw the earphone is how premium it feels. It is light and feels great. You will also receive 3 pairs of silicon eartip heads in various sizes to fit at your own comfort.

K True Wireless Earphone

When I put it in my ear for the first time, it feels like a normal wired earphone at first but after a while, I don’t really feel like I have an earphone in my ear. No wires means no obstruction when I’m doing something like driving or walking. It feels comfortable, light and non intrusive.

K True Wireless Earphone
Micro USB port for charging

Pairing the K True Wireless Earphone is very easy. As usual, just open up your devices’ Bluetooth settings, turn on the earphone by holding down the function button for a few seconds, phone will then detect the earphone and start pairing. That’s all and you’re good to go. Fire up any audio player to give it a test.

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K True Wireless Earphone

Audio Experience

I’m a little bit of an audiophile. I have keen hearing (obviously not tone deaf) and I am able to differentiate between high quality and low quality audio. The moment I turn on a upbeat song from my audio player, I can tell that this little wonder will give a strong deep bass sound. And I was right. The sound is just awesome!

Just want to mention that my audio player’s equalizer is set to “flat” when I tested the earphone for the first time. I forgot that I didn’t set the equalizer for that particular audio player but then it still sounds great. I adjusted the equalizer manually to my liking and damn it sounded much better. And I drove all the way home with the earphone in my ear, listening to some awesome beats along the way.

K True Wireless Earphone

I am very satisfied with the sound quality that comes out from the K True Wireless Earphone. If you’re looking for a wireless earphone, this is it. There are other good ones out there but you can’t find any other that is above average kind of good at this price range.

It’s cheap, it’s good and I love it!

Training Software

The K True Wireless Earphone is made specifically as your personal trainer. That is their true intention. It comes with 100+ adaptive audio training plans that you can follow. So it’s kinda like you having a personal trainer talking to you while you’re doing your workouts. And no…it’s not military style so don’t worry about that. Unless you want to?

K True Wireless Earphone

You can download the KuaiFit app from Google’s PlayStore or Apple’s AppStore. The set up is simple. Just register an account and you’re good to go. When you purchase the K True Wireless Earphone, you will also receive a three months unlimited training plans. That’s awesome.

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Like I said, there are more than 100 different types of “training” available in the app. You can choose to use one or a few at one time. When you hit that play button, the training will begin immediately.

K True Wireless Earphone K True Wireless Earphone

Say you want to use the jogging function, once you’ve selected it the training will begin by asking you start running at a slow pace. It will track your distance and location too. Everything will be displayed in the app. After a while, your personal trainer will ask you to pick up a little pace. And once you hit your target, it will ask you to stop and rest.

K True Wireless Earphone K True Wireless Earphone

So if you’re into fitness, this will be a great assistant to have. Gym buddy? He or she can stay at home and watch TV when you have the K True Wireless Earphone with you.


I think this will be a motivation for me to start training again (I’ve said this since 5 years ago). But ever since I purchased a training smartwatch recently and now I have this K True Wireless Earphone, it’s a sign. Why not right? It’s something beneficial for me in future.

K True Wireless Earphone

So what I think about the K True Wireless Earphone? I love it. The audio quality produced by this small and cute wonder is, wonderful. The bass is strong in this one. Music clarity is above average. Battery last me a whole day and then still able me to use it for a while the next morning. It is also rain proof (IPX5) and sweat proof so you don’t have to worry while running in the rain.

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The size is small, it’s light and it’s durable. How much will it cost? You can actually get it from Kickstarter right now for as low as USD$29. Did I say earlier that it’s cheap? Yes I did.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now at Kickstarter.

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