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Samsung HW-N650 5.1 Soundbar Review – All Around Surround

A few weeks ago, I got news from Samsung that I will be reviewing one of their Soundbars that has been in the market. I immediately said yes because I want to give a review on consumer electronics and appliances products as well, not just gadgets and smartphones. So the soundbar was sent to me immediately for 2 weeks testing.

The said unit was the Samsung HW-N650 5.1 Panoramic Soundbar and came in a huge long box. All that length is just for the soundbar itself. The sub-woofer just took up a smaller space but it’s quite heavy.

Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar


Setting up the soundbar is pretty simple and straight-forward. All you have to do is plug up the sub-woofer to the power supply and another output to the soundbar. The Bluetooth sync between the soundbar and the sub-woofer took less than 10 seconds to detect and connect.

And then you take the HDMI cable from the soundbar output port and hook it up to your TV HDMI input. And you’re done. When everything is “on”, the soundbar will automatically detects the TV connection and you’re ready to shake the house down.


The HW-N650 is the one of the latest soundbar offering from Samsung, and it’s aimed at movie buffs and gamers (if you hook it up to your gaming PC or console). It boasts a new ‘Acoustic Beam’ technology, designed to create a larger and more immersive front and back immersive surround.

Now all that was said is true because the sound that came out from the Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar is very good.

The acoustic sound is very clear and crisp while I get the solid bass coming from the sub-woofer. When I blast the soundbar volume up high, everything still sounds so clear without any crackling sound. Even the bass feels really solid.

Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar

The main new feature on the Samsung HW-N650 is Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology. This essentially uses two tweeters at the top of the soundbar – one on either side – that each fire into pipes with 28 holes in them. These pipes basically act like an organ pipe, firing sounds upwards in different directions and creating a more immersive sound field.

Now here’s a proof that the soundbar works really well with the new Acoustic Beam technology.

There was one night while I was watching a movie, alone, and all of a sudden I heard an insect sound (like a cricket) behind me. And the sound moved from right to left and up and down. I was actually looking for that damn cricket that probably was trapped in my house. I blamed my cat for bringing in the cricket. And then the sound just gone…just like that.

And suddenly, the sound came back and this time it was more. When I reliased what actually happened, I don’t know whether to laugh or to curse the damn soundbar. The sound actually came from the soundbar and I heard the sound of the insect running around behind me and all around the living room.

That is to show and prove one thing. The damn Samsung 5.1 Panoramic Soundbar really did its job in producing live surround sound that is almost too real. Go ahead and laugh. I got tricked by a speaker.

A word of advice, don’t…I repeat…don’t watch any horror movie with the soundbar on in the middle of the night….alone.


Now, lets take a look at the design of the soundbar.

The soundbar itself is very long. It is actually longer than my TV cabinet but somehow it blends in with the whole setup. It doesn’t look like an odd additional item there. If you don’t look for it, you wouldn’t even notice it.

Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar

There’s a sleekness to the design that not only matches today’s TV styling, but makes for an elegant appearance that won’t block the screen. The metal grilles on the front and top cover forward- and upward-firing drivers respectively, so make sure they aren’t blocked. Otherwise, placement is very flexible and you can even wall-mount the soundbar using an optional bracket.

But a different thing can be said about the sub-woofer. It is big and heavy, so I placed it at the side next to the TV cabinet. I can put it behind the cabinet but for the sake of the review, I placed it where I can get the full force of the bass sound. And I totally love the solid bass sound it made.

At the front right of the soundbar is an LED display that lights up when you select inputs, change the volume or choose a sound mode: Standard, Surround and Game. It also shows the treble, bass and audio delay settings, as well as the sub-woofer level. 

Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar

On the end panel at the right, you’ll find some basic controls for power, volume and source select, it’s all controlled using the included remote. The remote is ergonomically designed and effective to use, with all the controls you’ll need to set up and operate the Samsung HW-N650 5.1 Panoramic Soundbar


The Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar certainly changed my initial perception of any soundbar for that matter. At first, I thought a soundbar will just produce “some extra loud sound” to support the built-in TV speakers. That was what was told to me last time by the sales person anyway. But now I hear it differently and I am still pissed that I was tricked by the damn soundbar.

So if you’re looking for a soundbar that can deliver a panoramic surround experience for watching movies and playing games, then the Samsung HW-N650 is right up your alley. Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology really works, immersing you in your favourite movie or game or stupid insect sounds. It’s no slouch with music either, producing a clear and detailed sound that is sure to please.

More info on the Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar can be found here:

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