Talk To A Malaysian Doctor While Travelling Abroad

In 2006, it was estimated that there were 11.9 million international travels made by Malaysians and it is anticipated to increase to 14.2 million in 2021. Travelling has been one of the popular activities enjoyed by Malaysians especially the younger generation. Part of this phenomenon is contributed by an increase in the number of no-frills carriers and affordable accommodations that are operating in this region.

Falling sick would be an undesirable situation for any traveller, especially those travelling to a foreign land. In addition to being away from their home country and unfamiliarity, there is also a possibility of language barrier and an unpredictable cost of getting a medical consultation. In medicine, good communication is key. Good communication established between a doctor and the patient will ensure the correct diagnosis with the right medication dispensed.

Good news! Tune Protect has partnered with, Malaysia’s first telehealth service provider that offers online medical consultation with board-certified doctors via chat, phone call or video call. Through this collaboration, AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Protection policyholders will receive complimentary medical consultation services for free while travelling.

DoctorOnCall is an online platform that provides medical consultation with more than 70 Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) registered doctors with valid Annual Practicing Certificate (APC). Patients will be able to speak to a doctor with regard to common ailments such as cough, flu, fever, skin conditions and consultation for long term disease management such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Patients just require either a phone or an internet connection to be connected to a doctor.

AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Protection policyholders can now obtain free medical consultations during their international or domestic travels. In the event that the doctor prescribes any medications, domestic travellers will enjoy free medication delivery directly to their doorsteps. This is important as majority of medications for ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and migraine requires a prescription.

“Now travellers can speak directly with a MMC-registered and APC-holder doctor regardless of where they are around the globe. Getting a medical consultation has never been easier” said Maran Virumandi, Co-founder and Managing Director of

With AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Protection, travellers have the option to choose its annual travel protection plan starting from 50 cent per day or a one time travel flying with AirAsia starting from 80 cent per day. For further details about the partnership between AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Protection and DoctorOnCall please head over to

For further enquiries about DoctorOnCall, visit or dial 03-84082000 for further information.

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