Joy Driver Campaign – Bringing Joy to You Through Dacsee

Dacsee gives elements of joy to passengers through their Joy Driver Campaign

Dacsee’s remarkable growth continues as it expands throughout Malaysia. In the 10 months since its launch in July last year, the number of bookings per month has grown more than 25 times. With more than 120,000 registered users and 11,000 verified drivers, Dacsee is creating a buzz across the country. Dacsee allows users to choose the driver and save them as friends for their next journey.

Bringing Joy to you through Dacsee

Users can also be part of community groups where they are connected with similar interests which allows them to expand and share ideas and thoughts. There is also an advance booking feature so users can book a driver at a certain date and time. Not only that, with every trip, there will be an unexpected surprise from our partnered merchants through the Joy Driver Campaign. The Joy Driver Campaign allows users to experience not just the ride but a Journey Full of Experiences.

To kick-off Dacsee ‘s Joy Driver Campaign’s first phase, users can book the Dacsee Ice Cream Car should there be one nearby. With the feature, users will be rewarded with an ice cream once you pop into the car. There will also be rovers at various spots to create brand awareness by educating the public on how to download the Dacsee app and walkthrough the booking process for the Joy Driver Campaign. If you do spot our Volkswagen Kombi van, you will be entitled to free ice cream.

The main purpose of this activation campaign is to be able to promote and introduce the Joy Drive Campaign to the public. We want to give something back to our users as a form of gratitude from us by making them feel happy and joyful,” shared Mr Lim Chiew Shan, Chief Executive Officer of Dacsee.

Bringing Joy to you through Dacsee

Dacsee Joy Driver Campaign emphasizes on 4 elements; More than Just a Ride, Unique Experiences, Proactive Experiences and Journey Experiences. The Joy Drivers are pre-selected and professionally trained drivers to suit a dedicated campaign. Besides getting the passengers to arrive safely to their destination,these drivers can also provide product and service sampling from participating brands of a particular campaign. Joy Driver will only appear on the application screen as an option when the driver is within 3 kilometres radius from a passenger.

If the passenger is interested to use the service of the Joy Driver once it appears on the app, they can then choose this driver instead of the usual driver from the option of Compact, Comfort, Xtra or Executive. This feature enables Dacsee to provide the joy experience directly to the interested targeted user.

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