Samsung iChanged is All About Being Bold, Truthful and Adventurous

Samsung iChanged Campaign
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Your memory is full, your files can’t be transferred and your battery level is at 1% – sound familiar? There are plenty of reasons why you should make the switch to Samsung now and never look back. Today, Samsung Malaysia Electronics launches its #iChanged campaign, with the aim to inspire people from all walks of life to discover a world filled with endless possibilities. This campaign features a series of real Malaysians on how they started experiencing their lives through a prism effect of their devices.

Samsung iChanged Campaign

“Our users have always been at the heart of every Samsung product. Each feature in all our devices is designed to help our consumers have a richer and more meaningful experience; to us, that is the true definition of innovation. Through this iChanged campaign, Samsung would like to ignite the courage for everyone to take the first bold step and make the change to own the impossible.” said Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

One of the awesome benefits of switching to a Samsung smartphone is the Smart Switch software, which allows users the freedom to transfer photos, music, videos and contacts from an existing smartphone to a new Samsung device. The software supports iOS devices, as well as other Android smartphones.

The #iChanged campaign showcases the beauty of breaking away from what people think ‘you should do’, and embraces one’s true self by pushing the boundaries and doing what you think you can’t. Catch a glimpse of this campaign from various billboards, YouTube, buses around KL city and many other spaces.

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To celebrate its launch, Samsung is kicking off two incredible promotions* from 31st May to 31st July 2019, which include:

*Terms and conditions apply.

Promotion Details
Trade in promotion Customers who trade in their old devices to purchase a Galaxy S10 within the same transaction will be entitled to a complimentary pair of Galaxy Buds worth RM499.
Galaxy S10 purchase promotion Customers who purchase one Galaxy S10 unit will be entitled to a Galaxy Fit-e worth RM139.

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