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Samsung Launches BMF Refrigerator, Offering Smart-Living to Malaysians

  • State-of-the-art refrigerator with Optimal Fresh Zone provides users with an adjustable space that keeps food fresh for twice longer without ice freezing
  • Advanced features include powerful Digital Inverter that works smarter, lasts longer, and saves more energy, while the refrigerator’s Power Deodorizer filters the air inside to preserve food flavors
  • Larger capacity freezer and veggie box directly address demand from local Malaysian consumers for refrigerators that have bigger storage for vegetables and frozen foods

Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn. Bhd. today announced the launch of its all-new Bottom Mount Freezer (BMF) Refrigerator in Malaysia. The new BMF refrigerator addresses strong demand from millennial-mindset consumers in the country for trendy refrigerators that not only match with their busy and modern lifestyles, but also fulfil the practical needs with quality features such as stronger cooling performance that keeps food fresher without having to freeze them, thus, allowing them to store easy-to-spoil food items for a longer time.

According to a local survey conducted back in year 2013, 63% of Malaysians have not been spending enough time with their families[i]; five years later, in 2018, the same survey shown that Malaysians spend more time at work than at home.[ii] This makes stay-at-home and family bonding time more precious than ever, and it could be a good idea to transform household chores into fun family bonding time.[iii]

“For Asian, spending time with family is definitely our priority. The simplest way to bond with our loved ones is through mealtime and cooking time. After a hectic work day or week, instead of going out to eat, we choose to cook dinner and eat together at home. As we spend time to pick the healthy ingredients, cook a meal and eat with our loved ones, it connects us and helps us appreciate our family tradition. With this in mind, we at Samsung strive to provide an innovative solution to make family bonding time fun and more convenient with our industry-leading products,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics Business of Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME). “We are committed to increase the value of the everyday life of Malaysian consumers by closely listening to their preferences and needs.”

Samsung BMF Refrigerator

The Samsung refrigerator features a revolutionary Optimal Fresh Zone, which preserves the freshness of food for twice as long than an ordinary fridge* without having to freeze them. This soft-freeze temperature is perfect for storing fresh meats and fish as freezing them in a regular freezer would compromise the freshness, and prolong the meal preparation process due to the long defrosting time. Having said that, not having meats and fish frozen solid also means they are easier to cut during meal preparation. This will further simplify the cooking process for consumers, and thus, make cooking time with loved ones easier and faster.

The Optimal Fresh Zone is also adjustable as it allows users to easily switch back and forth between the Optimal Fresh Zone and a regular fridge compartment based on their refrigeration needs.

The latest BMF refrigerator also has a powerful Digital Inverter that automatically adjusts its speed based on cooling demand across seven levels. It uses less energy, minimizes noise, and even reduces wear and tear for durable, long-lasting performance.

In Malaysia, Malaysians generate 15,000 tonnes of food waste every day. The number one source of food waste is domestic waste, from the household.[iv] To help reduce food waste in household, Samsung BMF offers optimized storage solutions to keep vegetables, meats, and fish fresh for a longer time. With a larger capacity, the new BMF refrigerator has a big freezer and a big veggie box for consumers to store more meats, vegetables and frozen foods.

Other unique feature that could help maintain the freshness of food is the PowerDeodorizer. It filters the air inside the fridge to eliminate bad odors with its Activated Carbon, keeping the air fresh while preserving the flavor of the food stored in the fridge.

Designed for convenience, the new BMF refrigerator is built with an eye-level height (170 cm), which makes groceries organisation with family easier, faster and more fun. With the ergonomic design, Malaysian users can now easily reach their snacks and finger food from the fridge compartments.   

The BMF refrigerator also boasts a contemporary design that introduces an added level of sophistication to any modern kitchen interior. The stainless-steel finish and sleek flat front is representative of Samsung built-in appliances’ simple yet elegant look.

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