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Once again, Mobiversa, a Malaysian payment services company, is revolutionizing commerce with the launch of their latest payment solutions, EZYREC+, a simple application that automates recurring payments for businesses. It comes with a built-in dashboard that boasts various features which not only accelerates the growth of a business, but ultimately, provides a seamless, convenient, and secure channel for businesses to manage their payments.

Ranked as one of the top 10 fastest growing FinTech companies in 2017 by IDC[1], Mobiversa specializes in affordable payment solutions for SMEs by replacing the usage of cash with their e-payment systems. Currently servicing about 2,000 businesses across Malaysia, Mobiversa provides their customers with means to collect payments anywhere, anytime, at an affordable cost without compromising on providing top quality service to their customers.

Their latest product, EZYREC+, is suited for businesses that run on a subscription-based model, such as gyms, coaching/tuition centres, condominium management, accounting/ Human Resource softwares that run on SAAS model as well as any regular service that occurs on a fixed recurring timeline. With EZYREC+, not only does it tackle transaction issues like late payments and technical errors with ease, businesses can also track, manage, and tailor their payment plans to better suit their respective business models.

“It has always been our aim to provide our customers with payment solutions that fit their needs. Currently, a lot of work revolves around ensuring smooth transactions for online payments, but the ease in establishing flawless and uninterrupted recurring payments have been somewhat disregarded,” said S. Baskar, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobiversa.

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“As such, we created EZYREC+ to resolve that problem, as it is a convenient solution that enables businesses to seamlessly handle recurring payments with just a click of a button. While the big players in the industry are already well served in this respect, SMEs are still underserved and struggling. We are here to change that.”

One thing that sets apart EZYREC+ from the rest is that it offers businesses a revenue forecast feature to support in future business analysis. This feature provides businesses an insight to how much revenue they stand to generate for the next three months. With this information, businesses are given the advantage of being able to make any necessary adjustments or preparations to better prepare their businesses for the upcoming months.

Not only that, its built-in dashboard makes keeping track of monthly collections seamless and convenient. An overview of all recent transactions as well as a list of newly added customers is presented on the dashboard alongside an analysis chart for both successful and failed transactions. Another noteworthy point, failed transactions are also easily manageable with EZYREC+, as businesses have the option to retry the payment, or opt to message a unique payment link as an easy alternative payment method. More importantly, it helps in identifying why certain transactions fail, therefore, providing a more efficient way to troubleshoot said failed transactions.

While EZYREC+ is undoubtedly seamless and convenient, it is also safe and secure. Equipped with a Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliancy which is widely known as the most secure form of modern digital protection available today, the PCI DSS ensures that all payments and customer data is safe and secure based on a stringent set of standards set by its founders – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Hence, you can trust that EZYREC+ ensures the top-most trust and security in preventing online debit/credit card fraud and the loss of customers’ personal data.

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“Initially, we thought we had managed to tackle our customer’s concerns with the launch of EZYREC. However, as we are continuously connected with our customers, we soon found that they needed more. We saw it as an opportunity to better capture and serve their needs, and that was when we came up with the new and improved EZYREC+,” said S. Baskar.

In conjunction with the launch, Mobiversa is offering a 50% discount for the first 20 subscribers where businesses can purchase a yearly plan of EZYREC+ for only RM749 a year, as opposed to the standard RM1499.

More info: https://www.mobiversa.com/

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