Capture the Moon this Mid-Autumn Festival with the HONOR 20 PRO

Tips and tricks to capture the full moon with 30x zoom this festive season

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, HONOR Malaysia shares the best way to capture the beautiful full moon on this auspicious day! #CaptureWonder using the HONOR 20 PRO Supermoon mode – the smartphone’s 30x zoom will capture the best and clearest view of the moon on this night.

Taking on different shapes and colours, the moon can be a challenging subject to photograph. With a score of 111 on DxOMark, the HONOR 20 PRO’s 8MP telephoto lens features 30x digital zoom capability supported by Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) that allow users to get close enough for extreme-close up shots, capturing tiny details otherwise not noticeable. If you’re unsure on how to take the perfect moon shot on your HONOR 20 PRO, fret not! Here’s a step-by-step guide to take the ultimate moon photo –

Step 1: Turn on the camera (Tip: Place your phone on a tripod stand for a more stable and sharper shot!)

Step 2: Ensure AI mode is on

Step 3: Increase the zoom counter to 30x zoom (drag it all the way to the up)

Step 4: Adjust the focus to the moon

Step 5: Snap the photo!

Here’s a short video tutorial for a more detailed guide:

Wishing you Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, be sure to share your best photos with us on our Facebook page!

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