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Have you ever tried shopping for special gifts for your loved ones, whether it be online or offline? I’m sure many of you have gone through that whole personal drama of finding the right gift. Now what if you can create your own personal special gift from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered directly to your recipient? I would say, that would be so cool.

Well, with Printcious, you can do exactly that.

Before I go on about gifting a personalised gift for your loved ones, I will share a little detail about what Printcious is. 

Printing Your Precious Gift with Printcious

Printcious is an online portal where you can find thousands, if not, millions of high quality merchandise that you can customize with your own design such as text and graphics. You can create your own personalized design for many occasions too such as birthday gifts, wedding gifts and even corporate gifts.

The idea was coined by two brothers who has passion in operating gift shops and also having a lifelong dream of creating a fully customized gifts made easy for everyone. 

“When asked why we chose personalised gifts as our main focus to do business, our answers were simple. We wish to combat all the challenges present in ordinary traditional gifts; unmemorable, time consuming and costly. Thus, Printcious stands as an effective solution to all of the highlighted issues in which we aim to provide our customers with special gift ideas. It’s not just about a gift but, it is the gift that was made right from the bottom of their heart with a personal and DIY touch to it.”Printcious Founders

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Founded in 2007 and rebranded in 2015, Printcious have gained popularity as one of the go-to online merchandise store in Malaysia. Personally, I have heard of and browsed through their almost endless catalogue sometime in 2017 when I was looking for a t-shirt printing company that I can customize the design myself. I was in awe. Printcious do have tons of other options that almost got me going on a spending frenzy. I’m sure you will have the same feeling too when you browse through their website.

Now, using Printcious is easy. Have a look at the simple steps below:

  1. Login/register with Printcious.
  2. Click on “Design Your Own” on the menu and choose an item (eg: t-shirt)
  3. Select the quantity and size that you want.
  4. Hit the “Start Designing” button. 
  5. Upload your desired image, make sure it’s in hi-res for better quality. 
  6. Add in some text too if you want. 
  7. Click “Done” when you’re…umm…done. 
  8. Once you’re satisfied with the design, add your item to the cart and go ahead, make your payment. 
  9. Done. Now you just have to wait for the item to arrive at your doorstep. 
  10. To send to a different address, simply add another address from your profile settings and use that as the recipient address. 

Good news. Right now Printcious are having a great deal in their website. You can get 40% off PLUS free shipping when you purchase above RM70 in total. I would say that is a good deal. I have a few items in the shopping cart right at this moment totalling more than RM70 so I am eligible for the discount and free shipping.

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Printing Your Precious Gift with Printcious

To be honest, once I started on creating one design, I can’t simply stop with only one design. I went on creating another and another and another after that. Up until this moment, I have created a t-shirt, a mug, another graphic tee for my son and an apron design simply because I love cooking.

Printing Your Precious Gift with Printcious
Black is my colour

Another good point with Printcious is that they give free return policy as well. If there’s any problem with the received items such as broken mugs, torn t-shirts…etc, simply take a photo of the defective item and consignment note. Then send an email to them with the attached photos. Their personnel will then get in touch with you to go through the return process. Don’t worry, they will bear the shipping charges for replacements too. The return policy will only be effective for a period of one (1) week from the time you receive it from the shipping agent.

Printcious also provides photo booth rental in case you need one. I usually come across wedding ceremonies that has a photo booth along with props and printed memes that you can wear and use while having your picture taken. Printcious have that too. You can also choose to customize the props and backdrop that you want.

In conclusion, will I recommend Printcious to my friends and families? Definitely yes. There’s no better way to get something personalised for yourself or for other people.

So if you’re looking for a great gifting deal without having to go out around town scouting for that special gift for that special someone, simply head over to Printcious website to save time and hassle – all from the comfort of your own home.

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