Forest Interactive: RCS Set To Revolutionize Mobile Messaging Ecosystem

RCS-based messaging is seeing strong momentum and growing demand in business. What’s in it for the telco players? 

An emerging technology, Rich Communications Services (RCS), is finally reaching fruition and predicted to revolutionize text-based messaging on a global scale. In Japan, RCS-based +Message service by DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank has been proven a hit with a strong demonstration of customer adoption since 2018, according to the GSMA report. It stated that +Message is forecasted to have 17.5 million active users by the end of this year, and this figure is predicted to rise to more than 40 million by 2021.

“RCS messaging will present transformative opportunities for telcos,” said Forest Interactive Product Operations Manager Adi Azfar. “It provides enhanced consumer messaging experiences that can exceed capabilities provided by OTT messaging providers. The richness and interactive digital nature of RCS will help telcos to tap into digital marketing budgets for brands and enterprises to spend every year, opening new revenue opportunities never before accessible to the telco industry.”

Forest Interactive: RCS Set To Revolutionize Mobile Messaging Ecosystem

In addition, the Chinese’s market’s most prominent telco players China Mobile, Telecom, and Unicom have recently stepped up the game by joining their forces to roll out 5G-based RCS. This integration of 5G network and RCS will create a new mobile messaging ecosystem that opens up more opportunities for smartphone and telecommunications equipment providers.

Despite the decline in construction and testing due to the COVID-19 crisis, the three companies are planning to set up 500,000 5G base stations this year for China’s 5G development and its commercial applications.

“RCS is what businesses need to enhance B2C messaging. It provides several advantages over the SMS experience, including verified brand identity, rich imagery, an interactive carousel of deals, and quick-actions buttons that enable the user to navigate seamlessly through the experience without requiring to install a third-party app,” clarified Adi.

Since RCS is IP-based, users can now access a range of enhanced features that enable richer media solution and more profound real-time experiences. The new and visually appealing messaging channel is highly dynamic with the ability to offer more engaging and interactive functionalities such as live conversations, high-resolution file sharing, location information, analytic feedback, and even read receipts and last seen details.

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