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G3 Global Partners With MARii to Help Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

G3 Global Berhad (“G3”), a leading player in the Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and internet-of-things (“IoT”) businesses today announced that the company is partnering with Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (“MARii”) to help businesses overcome the COVID-19 challenges post-Movement Control Order. The collaboration is to ensure business continuity via a Government system designed for industry and business operation monitoring, called the MITI – COVID-19 Intelligent Monitoring System (“CIMS”).

Through this collaboration, the more than 70,000 businesses and factories under MITI’s care will be able to resume their operations by adhering to the Government’s Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) which include the adoption of thermal scanning and face recognition solutions to serve as the first line of prevention and precaution measures at the factory gates. The instant results provided by G3 ’s thermal scanning and face recognition devices will give the factories and the workforce the comfort that everyone permitted within the factory area has tested within the recommended body temperature range.

G3 Global Partners With MARii to Help Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

“The world has changed with the COVID-19 outbreak, and we have witnessed the importance of AI and IoT whereby we are now relying on these technologies to manage and mitigate the pandemic. Hence, G3 is proud to be able to play a part in supporting the Government and the society in their fight against the virus by providing end-to-end solutions which are preventive, effective, customisable and can also be integrated with companies’ existing Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) software.” commented Datuk Haji Khan bin Mohd. Akram Khan, the Group Managing Director of G3.

“It is unfortunate that many businesses are deeply affected by the crisis, but the implementation of the SOPs will be a turning point for factories to operate again and G3 will play its part to ensure that our technologies and solutions will assist industries to cope with the situation. Besides AI and IoT, the Group also focuses on Big Data which is another significant factor in the development of the right measures moving forward,” he continued.

He also added that G3 is in the midst of working with various strategic partners to roll out further programmes which will benefit the nation in mitigating the outbreak and adapting to the changes through the integration of advanced technologies.

G3 Global Partners With MARii to Help Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

With G3’s SenseTime Nebula-ITMDT and the SenseTime Thunder-E Thermal Imaging Solutions, the business users are able to safeguard detection and alarm of face without mask, face recognition alarm with mask, and suspected fever alarm linkage, thus providing crucial epidemic prevention information to the users. Moreover, the solutions are easily deployable at anywhere and anytime and PERODUA and its entire value chain ecosystem will be the first to adopt this system under the initiatives driven by MARii.

The core technologies of these solutions were developed by G3’s strategic partner, SenseTime, one of the world’s most valuable AI startups. The company leads the market in almost all vertical industries, including smart cities, smartphones, mobile Internet, online entertainment, automobile, finance, retail, education and real estate, among others. The company boasts more than 700 customers and partners in China and overseas, including world-renowned institutions and companies such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Honda, Alibaba, UnionPay, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and Weibo.

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