The Various Types of Racing Games You Should Sink Some Time Into

The great thing about exploring genres of games is the way in which you uncover all the different subgenres. The racing genre offers so much in terms of variety, so if you’re getting into racing games or you’re looking to, it makes sense to find out about the various times that you can sink your time into. Here are some of the examples of the very best racing game subgenres that you should definitely explore and try out.

Pure Realism

The first type of racing games to mention is the type that focuses on realism above all else. It might sound strange that a video game would focus on realism, especially when driving is something that’s pretty hard to simulate via a video game, but there are plenty of them that do it very well. Among these are the Gran Turismo, which is the best racing game out there for pure realism.


Some of the best drifting games out there nowadays are found on mobile platforms. But there are lots of big release games that have sliding mechanics built into them as well. The Burnout series was always big on sliding in order to create a boost. So you won’t be short of options if you’re looking to play some drifting games. Need for Speed is a good place to start if you’re interested.

The Various Types of Racing Games You Should Sink Some Time Into

Kart Racing Classics

Kart racing offers something entirely different and now is actually a great time to be getting into kart racing games because of the sheer number of great kart racing video games out there. The king is of course Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but Crash Team Racing and evening a Nickelodeon themed kart rafter have been getting a lot of positive attention recently as well. 


Off-road and ATV racing offer something suddenly compared to other kinds of racing games and they can be a lot of fun. The Motorstorm series has been consistently great when it comes to creating this kind of racing game, and it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are also some great off-road rally racing games out there for you explore too.

Hands-Off Racing Simulation

These days, there are even racing games that don’t require you to do any racing at all. Racing simulation games allow you to now take control of a racing team and manage every aspect of that task, and avoid having to actually do any of racing yourself in a direct way. This is a very different gaming experience but it’s one that can provide you with the opportunity to really sink your time into something fun. It could be just what you’re looking for right now.

The racing games genre of video games is far more vast and varied than it’s often given credit for. If you’re looking for a new type of game to sink your time into while you’re at home, the options mentioned above might provide you with some inspiration. You’ll have a lot of fun.

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