Three In Five Malaysians Not Getting Internet Speed As Promised

The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) conducted an online poll during the Movement Control Order (MCO) to gather feedback from consumers of their subscribed services. The findings of the poll show that most consumers are not satisfied with the quality of internet speed promised by Telcos.

The poll also found that most respondents have more than one issue that included quality of indoor network coverage and no significant improvements to complaints lodged.

“We conducted this poll during the recent MCO, when everyone was highly dependent on internet connectivity to work from home and stay connected. This issue should not happen as Telcos have promised to provide the service as subscribed and should be more proactive in improving their services,” said CFM Chairperson, Datin Mohana Mohariff.

Datin Mohana added, “CFM has been working with MCMC and is currently in the process of tightening up the provisions of the General Consumer Code (GCC) to ensure that consumer rights are protected. Some of the topics that will be reviewed in the GCC are the service contractual terms and conditions, to provide a critical information summary, and more attention to consumers with special needs.”

Three In Five Malaysians Not Getting Internet Speed As Promised

CFM always encourage consumers to lodge complaint to their respective Telcos by providing detailed information about the issue. If the problem is still not resolved, consumers can lodge a report to CFM via the integrated complaint portal with MCMC at

Meanwhile, there are few methods which consumers could try to rectify their internet speed issues by doing some self-troubleshooting. Please visit CFM portal at:

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