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Chakri Palace Ramadhan Buffet

Celebrating 19th Anniversary with Chakri Palace this Ramadhan


On the 9th of April 2018, Chakri Palace held a milestone celebration of its 19th Anniversary. As one of the pioneers in the Thai restaurant sector, the brand has gone…


While Being Under The Weather

It has been a while since I last fell sick, like really sick that I was in bed most of the time. I guess it's the hot weather we've been…

Ohsem Cook – Beef Goulash

At times when I'm not too busy looking at technology and gadget stuffs, I filled my time with another hobby of mine...cooking! I can't remember when I started to love…

Hidden Vegetarian Cafe in KL

My title is a little bit off because this is actually a coffee joint that serves vegetarian food. But since I came here for the food, I choose to name…
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