Next iPhone Will Have 4.8″ Display

Any of you starting to complain about the iPhone being too small and that the screen is not big enough? Yeah, me too. Well, I never had an iPhone before and probably because I feel that the screen is too small by today’s standard anyway. But fear not, Apple has reportedly decided that the next generation of iPhone will have a 4.8″ display.

iPhone4-8screenThank you Apple and I think it’s about time they come up with a larger screen iPhone. A friend of mine was using the iPhone 4s and to me, the screen is way too small. This comes after I was using a Samsung Galaxy Mega for a review, which has a huge 6.3″ screen. So imagine me having to squint my eyes to read the text on the 3.7″ display on the 4s. Yes, to me it’s too small. And then the same thing happens when I played around with the iPhone 5s. The 4″ screen on that one is still too small for me.

So for Apple to finally release an iPhone with a 4.8″ display is good news. I think this will market well among the consumers this time around and we might see some Android users make a move to Apple or return back to Apple. It’s a plausible move.

Apple will usually launch their new products sometime in September but this time around, we may see the release for the next iPhone as early as in June 2014. No confirmation on that yet but we shall see how it goes.

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