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I have posted something about Nokia Normandy a while back and it is something that I would like to see come to reality. Normandy is a code name used by Nokia for the upcoming and first ever Android device. It is a “better late than never” type of move by them, while already having a strong user base for their Windows Phone market. Even their Windows Phone devices are moving up a notch in terms of internal hardware specifications. Their entry level Lumia 525 is already using 1GB of RAM, as opposed to the older but more expensive Lumia 720 which only has 512MB of RAM. And the Lumia 625 is LTE capable.

So, hardware is already good. Built quality is excellent. And by all means, the hardware specification is ready. Only thing to do now is moving on to a different operating platform. For what I found out, it’s coming really soon.


Thanks to Evleaks, we now have a glimpse of the upcoming Normandy device. As we can see, the Android development is currently in full steam ahead. Nokia has made some heavy tweaks on their Android OS. The User Interface (UI) seems more like a cross between Windows Phone and Asha. We can see some of the Asha elements after seeing the designs of the icons. It is also said to support dual SIM.

According to The Verge, Nokia is using a special forked variant of Android that is not aligned with Google’s original version.

Although we already starting to see the development is indeed in progress, we still won’t know the actual fate of the Normandy. This is because the Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia is still ongoing thus putting the Normandy project in limbo. The fate of Normandy will only be known in a few months, after the acquisition deal is settled between Microsoft and Nokia.

Read from: The Verge

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