Photo of Mysterious New Xiaomi Phone Leaked

Today we got to know that Xiaomi is possibly the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Hence why we are seeing a mysterious device by Xiaomi leaked through the internet.


With their global expansion rapidly moving towards Europe and the Russian territories, it’s no surprise that Xiaomi is giving us a big…err…surprise, with their new device. They are also in talks to set up shop in India beginning of 2015 and start their West-ward bound domination soon. Competition is tough in China, with Lenovo not letting Xiaomi to outpace them any further. Same goes with Huawei and Meizu.

Meizu’s new MX4 is going to be the main contender to Xiaomi’s flagship but I’m not sure if Huawei’s new Honor 6 or P7 can do a better job.

The mysterious Xiaomi device is said to be powered by a Snapdragon 615 64-bit octa-core beast with 2GB of RAM. LTE network connectivity is also said to be available on this new one. As pictured above, the main camera is a 13-megapixel Sony based sensor capable of shooting 1080p HD video. A speculated 5.5″ high resolution display is also expected on this new (Note?). Seems to me that this device is intended to target the upper mid-range market, rather than the low or high end market.

These are just the speculations. Nothing is solid at the moment. The price should be ranging between RM600-RM800 by the looks of it. I just hope that they can maintain the low price on their high-end devices to entice the consumers.

We’ll see how this one goes when they launch this mysterious new device. Till then, I’ll be keeping track.

Source: Android Headlines

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