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Everything that is coming out from China nowadays are getting better and better. But sometimes weird and sometimes awful. But on the better part, is something that the tech giants like Asus or Samsung won’t be able to do. And that is to have a dual OS boot system on their smartphones.


Introducing a new smartphone by Elephone, a high-spec device that can boot up two operating systems in one device. Not only that, it boots up the latest of the two. You can have a choice of booting up to Android Lollipop or Windows 10 OS. Cool eh?

Elephone is the brand name, but there’s no such model name for the phone just yet. But the specifications are spectacular.

There will be two versions of this phone. First, there will be a 64-bit MediaTek version which does not support the dual OS boot while the other is using an Intel Atom chipset that supports dual OS boot. So with this, we can easily tell which has the higher specifications.

The camera on the MediaTek version is using a 21MP IMX230 type of camera, while a Sony IMX230 20.7MP camera is offered for the dual OS boot device.

Both has the same screen size at 5.5″ and with 2560 x 1440 resolution. That is currently the highest screen resolution for a smartphone. Also, both comes with a huge 4GB of RAM for great memory handling. With all that power hungry hardware, it needs a large battery to power up the device. So the battery is said to hold more than 3,800mAh of juice.

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While all that sounds awesome, we won’t know whether the device will be made available here in Malaysia but if it does, it may gain some huge fans over here (I’m one of them).

Now we just have to wait and see.

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Elephone: A Phone That Boots Up Windows 10 And Lollipop

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