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Hidden Vegetarian Cafe in KL

My title is a little bit off because this is actually a coffee joint that serves vegetarian food. But since I came here for the food, I choose to name the title as “Vegetarian Cafe”.

This will be a quick post on a good food and cozy place that I recently found in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Nicely hidden within the bustling city just off of Jalan Tun Razak, lies a small (and almost hidden) cafe that serves good vegetarian food. And their coffee is to die for.

RGB & The Bean Hive is located on Jalan Damai, off Jalan Ampang near the (now closed) old Al-Rawsha and Al-Andalus arabic restaurants. If you’re familiar with the area, then you won’t get lost.


From the outside, it looks like someone’s house so you might wonder whether you should just walk up their front door or not. But as you get closer to the door, you can smell the strong coffee aroma. That’s when you know that you’re in the right place. It may look empty from the outside, but it’s cozy on the inside.

They serve only vegetarian food here at RGB & The Bean Hive. But how good is it? I can tell you now, it’s really good. I’ve only tried two dishes and I can assure you that both are good. They even have vegan cakes here. But their coffee is the best.

I ordered a pasta dish one Friday noon and I was not disappointed. The texture and taste are spot on. The portion is just enough to fill up my empty stomach. At least I didn’t feel hungry again later in the evening, so to me…that’s a good sign.

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They have many other dishes at RGB Cafe like sandwiches and rice. But honestly, I wish to try their sandwich the next time I eat lunch there. It looks huge and appetizing. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to take more photos of the place and food. No worries, I’ll be going there again and I shall take more photos and blog about it one more time.

IMG_20150109_140655977I can tell you one thing…RGB & The Bean Hive is a very cozy place to chill after a good meal. I can probably fall asleep at one of their comfortable couches. Plus they have a fine section where you can just sit and read a book…and no one will bother you while you take a sip on their aromatic coffee and indulging a slice of their cake. Yumm…

Want to check them out? Here are the details:

RGB & The Bean Hive
35 Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 2161 1329

Business hours:
10:30am – 6:30pm (Mon – Fri)
10:00am – 6:00pm (Sat – Sun)

You can check out their Facebook at

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