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Cheap Ramadhan Buffet at Restoran Nelayan Gombak


Malaysians like a few things in life. One is free stuffs, second is cheap stuffs. That we all can't deny because Malaysians are cheap. But when it comes to buffet…


Hidden Vegetarian Cafe in KL

My title is a little bit off because this is actually a coffee joint that serves vegetarian food. But since I came here for the food, I choose to name…

Thank You Line

A few weeks ago, Line (the Japanese chat app similar to WeChat) was giving out free McD vouchers to its users. What they did was giving you a total of…

Tweetup @ Al-Rawsha, KL

I got a message from a Twitter friend who was planning to have a little Tweetup last night for dinner and I thought, why not, I should go. At first…