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Malware Attack?

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This is the first time ever that I saw this warning on my site. I don’t know what happened and I don’t know how it got there, but apparently my website has been flagged to contain Malware(s).

I don’t remember installing anything malicious within the last few weeks and months. It has been running quite well without a glitch. So for the malware error message to appear suddenly is a shock to me. My site has been down and site visitors has declined over the past few days. It’s sad to see something that I’ve built to crumble just because of a single malware glitch. It’s not easy to build a fan base for a blog site and it seems that the site traffic has certainly slowed down.

Meanwhile, I found out something. I do have an advertisement running on my site by Exabytes. The Exabytes marketing team advised me to remove their ad script for the time being because they have been receiving the same problem. So I guess that may be one of the cause of the malware error. I have now removed the script from my site and hopefully things will run well from now on. But the lost of visitors and traffic really hit the pain spot. That one the other hand, I have to build again. Maybe from scratch.

Now I have to give some time for the web crawlers to “declare” my site once again to see whether it is still going to be flagged as malicious or not. That may take a long time. If I’m lucky, it may only take a few days.


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