Top 5 Smartphones In My List For First Half of 2015

Another year, another few selections of smartphones that I would see as a potential device worthy to be a good purchase. Although my list is a simple one, but I have looked through all the specifications and I feel that my top 5 list of smartphones for the first half of Continue Reading

Oppo Latest Launch: The N3 and R5

The long awaited launch of Oppo’s new rotating camera flagship phone is finally revealed with the launch of their latest head turner, the Oppo N3. Fans of Oppo should be excited about this new release alongside with the new R5, Oppo’s new mid-range contender. First up, the Oppo N3 will Continue Reading

Reasons Why My Next Phone Will Be A Windows Phone

I have this habit of going for something that is not mainstream. Example: people are buying Samsung, HTC, iPhone, Sony smartphones. But I would buy CSL, Lenovo and Lumia 800 back then. I have this feeling that I can’t shake off. To me, it’s not the brand that matters, it’s Continue Reading

At The Edge With The New Galaxy Note

By now the public already know about the upcoming powerhouse in futuristic smartphone device, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note Edge. With the powerful hardware specifications and huge screen, this is going to be the smartphone of the year. Most notably, the small curved edge on the right side of the screen Continue Reading

Xperia M2 Aqua – A Mid Range Diver by Sony

Sony unveiled their new mid-range Android smartphone earlier today. An evolve from the popular mid-range Xperia M2, the newly launched waterproof smartphone is known as Xperia M2 Aqua. What they did was making the popular M2 waterproof, which worked well, kinda. The Aqua has basically the same specifications as the Continue Reading