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Big Thank You To eGG Network and Hexa Communications

This is just a short thank you post to Hexa Communications and eGG Network.

I don’t always receive goodies from a PR company and/or a brand that much but then I do, I’m always grateful of their gifts. A representative from Hexa Communications contacted me recently to show their appreciation of my support for e-sports and their gaming community. And on behalf of eGG Network, they sent me a bag of goodies to keep me munching during MCO days.

The bag of goodies was delivered around noon. I love every single munchies that comes inside the bag but I can’t eat any of it because it’s fasting time. Good thing they have a pack of dates in the bag as well.

Thank you Hexa Communications and eGG Network

Most of the items that came in the bag was quickly grabbed by my wife and son. So I’m left with the dates and raisins, and 1/3 of the caramel popcorn as well.

Thank you Hexa Communications and eGG Network

They also give some cool Mobile Legends stickers. But it’s 100% that I will use the eGG Network sticker somewhere for myself, either on my laptop cover or on my PC casing.

There’s nothing else to say about it as this is basically my thank you post to the awesome people in Hexa Communications and the ever growing gaming community in eGG Network. Meanwhile, you can tune in to channel 808 on Astro to view the latest on gaming by eGG.

Also to check out my new Facebook Page which I recently started for my own gaming videos at

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