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6 New Affordable Phones by Lenovo Coming Your Way

If you have been thinking and still not decided on what cheap smartphone to buy, well…you may now have many other headache options to consider. I know that there are lots of cheap Android options out there by various manufacturers but the one who is leading the pack is definitely Lenovo.

I went to my usual phone shop the other day and I saw there were lots of people lining up to buy a new phone. Almost all of them were considering Lenovo as their brand of choice. Why? Because Lenovo has been very aggressive on promoting and producing good (and cheap) entry level as well as mid range Android smartphones. When I say cheap, I really mean cheap. Like dirt cheap. And the specifications are just about average but recently I have seen many upgrades in their devices.

And guess what? Lenovo Malaysia recently unveiled SIX…that’s 6 new amazingly affordable Android smartphones to the public.

So like I said, if you’ve been deciding on your new phone…you may have to reconsider your options again.

The new phones that they unveiled are S860, S660 and S650 from the S Series together with the A526, A680 and A859 of the A series. The most high-spec among them all is the S860 which comes with 5.3inch IPS display, 1.3 GHz Quad Core CPU + 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal memory and a huge 4,000mAh battery. The S860 will cost about RM1,169. Okay, I will consider this one as a mid-range smartphone instead. Will I get my hands on this phone? Maybe. But I honestly think that with that price range, I’d prefer the Lenovo Vibe X instead (spec here).

Lenovo S860

I won’t be going too much detailed on the price and specification for all the new Lenovo phones. You can instead head over to Mobile88 website for the full story on the launch and read the full detail of all the phones there.

Having said that, I think that Lenovo is really pushing to be ahead of their competition in the entry level and mid range market. Currently they are doing a good job on that. Congratulations to Lenovo for the launch of their 6 new and affordable Android smartphones recently. Hopefully they will produce a much better quality smartphones in future. Remember guys (that means you, Lenovo), quality…not just quantity.

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